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Fall 2006 Homework

  September 25
  • No Homework Assigned
  October 2
  • Homework #1
    • Choose a Partner For leading an in-class discussion; we'll set up a schedule in our next class
    • Enter a discussion on the class Twiki
  October 4-7
  • No Homework Assigned
  October 9
  • HW 2: By Monday Oct. 16:

    Write a reflection on the Twiki (at ClassProject) on:

    1. WHAT: Describe one or two things you learned at GHC (assuming you attended), or so far in the class readings and discussion (if not), that could be relevant to attracting more women to computing.

    2. SO WHAT: Why do you think this could be useful to attracting more women, to what effect, and at what stage of the pipeline?

    3. NOW WHAT: What are some specific ideas that build on your insight that could be incorporated into the class project to attract these women to computing

  October 16
  October 23
October 30
  November 6

November 13

  November 20
  November 27

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